Over the Edge for the YWCA

Over the Edge for the YWCA

I was asked By Bordas & Bordas if I would consider doing a charity event for them, I said sure why not, what do you need me to do?  When they told me, the event was called Over the Edge to help the YWCA I was a little nervous to say the least, but for all those of you who have been falling B & B on Facebook you’ll remember for my 50thbirthday I went skydiving thanks to all of you who read about it and voted. I’m guessing that is why they thought, I’d do it. Never in my wildest dreams did I know what I was in for. Making a short promo video for the Facebook page, being filmed coming down off the building and being interview by the news & by Wheelhouse Creative (who by the way did an awesome job with the before and after promo videos, special thanks to Don, Mike and all the others who helped) I’m not good with attention being focused on me, I’m more of a behind the scenes worker. This event changed my outlook on a lot of things 

1. How many people in the Ohio Valley come out to do these events, but the people who come out to support these events are truly amazing. Thank you for supporting your local organization, you can all give yourself around of applause and a pat on the back because you truly deserver it. 

2.  How kind and caring others at these events are to one another, building others up and not tearing them down. (Special thanks to Paula who was my partner for going Over the Edge)

3. How grateful the organizations are to have you do these events to help them raise the money needed to keep there organizations up and running so they can help others. 

4. How many of our local businesses sponsor these events to keep the cost down for these organizations.

I could go on and on, but these are the four things that I think are most important.

Going Over the Edge for the YWCA was and honor & a privilege for me to represent Bordas & Bordas and to help raise a little extra money on for the YWCA to give them the means to help empower women and girls in Wheeling and to help them find a safe place to go when they need it the most.    

If you can get out and help any local organization do it, you never know when you might need to use the service of one of our local organizations. Giving back to our community is very rewarding and very helpful to your soul. God gave you abilities, us them to help others when you can. As I’ve told so many young people when you can pay it forward do it and think of the person who paid it forward to you when you needed it. 

Rock On People Rock On

Today's blog: Back in mid-August, as many of you know, Jeanne Dedo participated in the 'Over the Edge' fundraiser for the Wheeling YWCA. She tells us on the blog today about her experience going over the edge and how it's helped her realize she can take on anything!