Online Shopping Subscriptions – How Much is Too Much?

Online Shopping Subscriptions – How Much is Too Much?

Recently, my email and social media have been bombarded with advertisements for subscription services. It’s amazing to me how these days, you really don’t have to leave your home for the most part. Cleaning products, health care products, books, clothing, food…whatever your heart desires are all at the mercy of the buttons on your keyboard.  

The days of going to the grocery store and digging through packages of steaks to find the “perfect marbleization” or sniffing a cantaloupe to find a nice juicy ripe one are on the way out. That mango-mint scented laundry detergent “sounds” wonderful in the merchant’s item description, but I’ll have to just take their word for it. 

Now, all of this convenience becomes inconvenient when you receive a shipment of bruised fruit or that mango scented laundry detergent isn’t as appealing as it sounded. The sweater in that subscription box that doesn’t fit right on you is going to take you some time to contact customer service, box it back up, slap on a shipping label and return the item for a refund or another item. Either way, you are going to wait.

Now, I am guilty of falling for this technique and quite honestly I am glad I did. I have entered into a subscription service that delivers cleaning products to my home. It is exciting when I receive that monthly box full of chemical free goodies to clean my home. I have been pretty lucky so far and have been pleased with everything I received.  

As far as clothes and grocery shopping, well as long as I am able, I think I’ll just keep venturing out in the real world as opposed to the world wide web. 

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