Oil and Gas Buyers are at it Again

Oil and Gas Buyers are at it Again

Oil and Gas Buyers are at it Again

Many oil and gas owners may have noticed an uptick recently in mailings and “cold” calls about selling their mineral interests.

These entities are often flippers trying to find good, cheap deals on mineral rights so they can flip the interests to another entity with deeper pockets.

Whenever there seems to be a suggestion of a downturn in the oil and gas market these companies try to take advantage. With the economic problems associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, many of these oil and gas brokers are taking the opportunity to try and scare otherwise hesitant mineral owners into sales deals.

There are lots of reasons to consider selling your mineral rights. For many people it might be the best way to obtain needed money. Others prefer to know they have the possibility of an income stream into the future rather than one lump sum payment.

Even if you do sell, you might be able to invest the proceeds and still secure future income. You definitely should not, however, jump into a deal with the first company that might call you. You should reach out to entities like Bordas Mineral Management or our firm to learn more about the entity that has reached out to you. We often know the reputations of those companies and know if they are companies willing to pay you what your rights are actually worth or are looking for quick cheap deal.

Selling your rights is not the best deal for everyone, but it is a great deal for some. If you find yourself receiving oil and gas mineral sale offers, make sure to think long and hard about the situation and consider your options.

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