Oglebay Good Zoo and Its Private Encounters

Oglebay Good Zoo and Its Private Encounters

Oglebay Good Zoo and Its Private Encounters

As my family has traveled over the years, we have been fortunate enough to take advantage of a couple personal encounters with animals; including sharks and swimming with dolphins. Normally, I don’t think about unique experience like this practically in my own back yard. It may not be swimming with the marine life, but when you have daughters, they can flip over some extraordinary furry creatures.

All girls have favorite animals that make them crazy growing up. They seemingly run 50 mph as they shrill just because they spot a t-shirt across the entire store displaying this creature. They have folders and socks and pillows, with these favorites on. It’s just part of our nature as females, I suppose, and my girls have always had a liking and fascination with sloths.

I read in the local newspaper that our great Oglebay Good Zoo was offering private family encounters with some of the animals; so, I jumped on the chance for my girls to spend the day with their fury friend, Sweat Pea, the sloth.

Honestly, I never really understood the obsession they had with this particular animal until now.

It was simply captivating to watch Sweet Pea move ever so eloquently at such a sedating pace. Just as happy as can be as she nonchalantly ate from our hands and seemed to rest in most comical positions.

Courtney, our encounter guide, was top-notch. We learned so much about the two-toed sloth, the differences between a two-toed and three-toed. We had all of our questions answered and truly came to appreciate how much of a struggle it is for these beautiful works of wonder out the in the wild. It makes you reflect upon what’s out there in the wild and how it’s battle of survival. Sweet Pea is quite adored at our local zoo and we are o very appreciative that we were able to have this time with her.

Thanks, Oglebay Good Zoo for a memorable experience and it comes highly recommended if you have the chance to take advantage of this adventure, it makes for a fabulous fun family day.