O Christmas Tree – A Holiday Fashion Statement

O Christmas Tree – A Holiday Fashion Statement

The Christmas tree. A holiday staple, an absolute must in any household during the Christmas season. I have a few friends that actually put up more than one tree in their homes (and begin the assembly process as soon as they turn their calendar page to November). Oh, and the pride we take in decorating our Christmas trees to whatever suits our tastes. Our Christmas trees are comparable to making a fashion statement in our, using ribbons, ornaments and a really great “topper” as the spectacular finishing touch.  

Our family Christmas tree consists of many hand-made ornaments by my children as they were growing up. There are even a few that my husband made as a child in elementary school, handed down from his parents that once adorned their family Christmas tree. 

As we decorate our tree each year, we create new memories by reliving our past Christmases. The kids, who are grown now, like to put up their “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments. We chuckle over the not-so-perfect snowman faces that are painted on a piece of wood made by a four-year-old child (who is now 18). The photo ornaments of my three children scatters my tree with excited smiles standing next to Santa. They all fill my heart, and one day these special gifts made by my children will be passed down to them for their trees.

No matter how you choose to dress your Christmas tree, may the warmth and glow fill your heart with holiday spirit.

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