No Stress Holiday Tips

No Stress Holiday Tips

No Stress Holiday Tips

The holidays are just around the corner. It’s a stressful time of year. Buying gifts, decorating, attending holiday parties, cooking, etc. Follow the below tips, though, to make the season a bit less stressful.


  • Plan Ahead. The best way to not feel overwhelmed is to map out your holiday “To-Do List.” What parties do you plan to attend? What gifts do you need to buy? When do you need to cook? If you set a plan in advance your holiday season will go smoother. Having a plan will allow you to better manage your time. Better time management will hopefully prevent you from spreading yourself too thin.


  • Self-Care days. When planning out your days be sure to set aside a day or two for you. Do whatever makes you happy, whether it be binge watching Netflix or going on a simple walk.


  • Say NO. It’s OK to turn down an invitation to a holiday party. It’s important to prioritize yourself.


  • Chill. Not everything needs to be perfect. Be realistic. It’s not the end of the world if your gingerbread house is missing a few gumdrops. Take a breather and relax. Enjoy the season. Don’t lose sight of what really matters. Be present in the moment and don’t think about what you need to do next.


  • Ask for and accept help. It’s not mandatory for you to do everything on your own. Ask for help and allow others to help you. This will certainly lighten your load.

Wishing you the best holiday season!