A New Way to Cook Dinner

A New Way to Cook Dinner

A New Way to Cook Dinner

We’ve all been there.

You come home from work; you’re tired or exhausted; and yet there are still those last chores before relaxing: figuring out what to have for dinner and preparing it.

Just figuring out what to make day-in and day-out can be mentally exhausting. So, I find myself fixing the same old thing over and over again. Also, a lot of what I fix isn’t even healthy, just quick and convenient.

For a change, I decided to check out some of the home delivery meal kits and chose one to try called Every Plate (everyplate.com). The price is very reasonable. I get three meals per week for two people (a total of six meals) for approximately $5 a meal. I’m allowed to pick my meals each week from a menu of approximately a dozen or so items. Each week’s menu also offers a completely vegetarian meal, as well as a couple of premium meals for an additional cost.

The menus vary each week, and you can select up to three weeks’ worth of meals at a time. There is no obligation to continue the service, and I can cancel at any time. I can also skip a week if I’m scheduled to be out of town, and I can pick the day of the week I want my meals delivered.

My first box of meals arrived yesterday, and I admit I was excited to open it. The cardboard box my food arrived in was lined with approximately one inch of styrofoam to help keep it cool.  When I lifted the styrofoam, I had a cardboard box containing all of the produce needed to make all six meals. The produce was very good quality and very fresh. I was pleasantly surprised.

I also had a Ziploc baggie containing all the items I’d need to make the various sauces that went along with each meal. Under that cardboard box and sandwiched between two layers of ice packs were the packages of meats I needed for each meal.

At first glance, it seemed like the meat portions were smaller than what we were accustomed to, but I’m sure they are the recommended size and amount you should actually eat. Each of the ice packs still had ice in them and the meat was very cold. They guarantee your packages will stay cold and fresh for up to 48 hours from delivery.

So, after checking everything out, I decided to try the balsamic glazed boneless pork chops with roasted garlic/thyme potatoes and roasted zucchini. The recipe card was very easy to follow and included pictures and step-by-step instructions. Everything I needed to complete the meal was included in the box except for a few basics, like salt, pepper, butter and oil. It even included sprigs of fresh thyme!

I’ll admit I wasn’t prepared for so much dicing and chopping, but I managed to complete the meal in the 30 minutes it states on the recipe card.

Now, though, for the moment of truth: It was delicious! Better yet, I didn’t have to put thought into the meal or go out shopping for the ingredients. When I suggested to my husband getting the plan every other week instead of each week, he gave me a look.

I think he wants to keep Every Plate around every week!If you have a busy schedule, home delivery meal kits may be a perfect fit for you. Sheila Cottrell shares her recent experience with this service.