A New Visitor

A New Visitor

A New Visitor

Every morning I put my dog Bub out to do his business and give him his canned food, which he likes in the morning. (The rest of the day he eats hard food out of a feeder.) Then, while he’s outside, I get my shower and get ready for the day.

Well, for the past few weeks, he’s been scraping at the door wanting back in almost immediately, which is unlike him because he likes being outside. I tried feeding him inside, but he won’t eat it. I think he’s so conditioned to eating outside, he feels weird eating inside.

The last time he was scraping at the door, though, I went to see the problem. And I saw a gray-striped cat eating his soft food and hissing and swatting at Bub all the while.

Bub was frantically trying to get away. He’s on a tie-out cable, so he can’t go far. It was very funny, especially since the cat is pretty small. Bub is not a huge dog, but he’s way bigger than the cat. I have no idea to whom the cat belongs, if to anyone.

Little did I know, I was gaining a cat since he now stops every day to steal the dog’s food.

My son thinks I’m going to bring the cat I named Random Kitty inside, but I won’t. He or she seems happy roaming outside living his or her best life.

I’ll continue to put out food, however, so it doesn’t go hungry. And hopefully it will stop stealing Bub’s food.

Yet Random Kitty will continue to be free and stay just that -- my random kitty.