Need a New Series to Binge Watch? Read this blog.

Need a New Series to Binge Watch? Read this blog.

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries lately either on Netflix or Amazon Prime. So many interesting and life-learning documentaries are out there. You can find a documentary on many, many subjects. 

Take, for instance, “Finders Keepers.” This is about a man that keeps his amputated leg, stores it in a grill in his storage unit and then doesn’t continue paying for the storage unit. The contents go up for sale and someone ends up with the amputated leg because the individual bought the grill. It’s a crazy story – but true!

My favorites are the documentaries about true crimes. True crime stories are my favorite books also. “The Evil Genius” was a good one. It is about the Pizza Bomber that took place in Erie, Pennsylvania. The event happened in 2003 and was national news – how did I never hear of it before?

Last week I watched one titled “Iris” about a 93-year-old fashionista and how she spent her entire life buying clothes and jewelry. No crime involved in this one unless you think about all of the money that had to have been spent on her wardrobe!

If it’s one of those evenings where you just can’t seem to find anything interesting to watch on TV, check out a documentary. You’ll be glad you did.

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