National Nonprofit Day

National Nonprofit Day

On Aug. 17, the United States recognizes National Nonprofit Day. The purpose of this day, which has been recognized since 2017, is to acknowledge the important work nonprofit organizations do throughout the country. The day is also meant to teach people about different nonprofit groups and how to get involved.

There are nonprofit organizations that relate to pretty much any topic you can imagine. Some of the most widely known groups focus on healthcare, education, protecting vulnerable populations (such as children, the disabled or the elderly), helping animals and promoting health and human welfare. Nonprofits also serve to provide employment opportunities to many on both a nationwide and local scale.

There are many ways you can participate in National Nonprofit Day. You can contact your favorite local charity to check out volunteer opportunities; you can donate money; you can research the issues central to an organization that interests you; or you can post to your social media to advertise nonprofit organizations you support to help bring mission awareness and offer opportunities to get involved.

Attorneys and staff at Bordas & Bordas are involved in a wide variety of nonprofit organizations and are proud to support these important entities that do so much for our communities. Serving as members or volunteers of organizations like the Soup Kitchen of Greater Wheeling, Wheeling Health Right, Youth Services Systems, the YMCA, Catholic Charities, the United Way, local Humane Societies, Ronald McDonald House, the Red Cross and many others is something Bordas employees take great pride in. We also enjoy hosting Facebook contests for donations to some of our favorite nonprofit organizations, attending fundraising events and learning more about the great work these groups are doing. Join us in sharing your nonprofit pride on National Nonprofit Day and any other day of the year!

    Today is National Nonprofit Day. Learn more about the purpose of this important day.