National Mulligan Day

National Mulligan Day

It is the day every avid golfer cherishes. Most likely, most golfers do not even know this day exists. To be frank, I did not know this day exists until I was researching this blog. Nevertheless, Oct. 17, 2021, is National Mulligan Day.

As a golfer that needs a couple mulligans here and there, this day certainly needs to be celebrated and recognized. For those who are not golfers, and do not know what a “mulligan” is, let me provide you with some context. A mulligan is simply a re-do.

For instance, consider this scenario. You are on hole No. 1 of a beautiful golf course. It is a par-four. Pristine fairways, thick rough. You had just hit about 30 balls on the driving range straight down the middle. You are feeling great with your brand-new driver in your hands. There is nothing stopping you from hitting your drive on No. 1 one straight down the middle 300 yards. You wind up and swing. The ball propels right off your clubface and slices 100 yards into the woods. You are demoralized. The other golfers in your group look at you with pity, and maybe even crack a joke. You do not know what went wrong. You are starting to think “How can I double, maybe even triple bogey No. 1?” Before you even start your round, you can feel the wheels starting to fall off.

This is the point where a mulligan comes into play. If you are playing with a group of your friends and family, there should be no issue stating that you are taking a mulligan. You simply let the group know you are taking your mulligan, and re-tee the golf ball and take another crack at it. A mulligan is like the first shot never occurred, and you just play your second tee shot as if it was your first drive. Of course, you want to take advantage of the mulligan, by placing the ball on the fairway, striking an iron onto the green, and sinking the birdie putt, but that is beside the point.

A mulligan is a second chance. It’s a chance to fix your mistake. In golf, bad shots are common, especially for amateur golfers. A mulligan offers us a chance at redemption, and that is all we can ask for in the game of golf. The next time you are on the golf course with your family and friends, make sure you let your group know when they have a poor shot that they should take a mulligan. Because, at the end of the day, the score does not matter, but rather the quality time spent with your family and friends enjoying a sport you love.

So, on Oct. 17, 2021, take a moment and celebrate National Mulligan Day and, perhaps, give your playing partner a couple extra mulligans on that day!

    Did you know that October 17 is National Mulligan Day?