Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

Movies to Watch this Holiday Season

Holiday season is in full swing. We are on the other side of Thanksgiving; the malls are packed with shoppers; and there are holiday movies seemingly on every channel. Simply put, it is a great time of year. It is a time to spend quality time with your family and friends and create memories that will last a lifetime. Also, there are many classic holiday movies that are favorites every year, such as "Elf," "The Grinch" and "The Santa Clause.Below are three other holiday movies to watch this holiday season that you may not watch every year:

  1. "Four Christmases"

"Four Christmases" is a Christmas comedy featuring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. The movie is about a couple navigating four Christmases with their families when their vacation plans are cancelled at the last minute. Each family has numerous oddities that many of us can relate to, especially during the holiday season. The film offers plenty of laughs while showing the importance of family and loved ones.

  1. "Christmas with the Kranks"

"Christmas with the Kranks" is another holiday comedy that will make you laugh the entire movie. The movie features Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie follows a married couple that plans to skip Christmas when their daughter will not be home for Christmas. At the last minute, they find out their daughter will be home for Christmas, which turns their plans upside down, and they have to scramble to prepare for their typical Christmas. This movie is light-hearted, and portrays a community coming together to make the holiday special.

  1. "The Holiday"

"The Holiday" is a romantic comedy featuring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jack Black and Jude Law. The film is about two women wanting a change of pace for personal reasons, and exchanging homes for the holiday. The exchanging of homes leads one to Los Angeles, while the other heads to Surrey, England. In completely different cultures, they both find themselves cultivating meaningful relationships and taking in the holiday.

Obviously, there is a bunch of great holiday movies out there to enjoy this holiday season. The above three are only a few of many that can bring a smile to your face. To that end, sit back, relax and enjoy the show(s). Happy holidays!