More Than Just A Meal

More Than Just A Meal

During the holidays, I came across a cute galvanized recipe box online and purchased it for my daughter who loves to cook. As I scrolled through some recipe cards to go in it I wondered if she would really use this. By simply logging onto the internet, so many recipes are accessible and can be printed much more quickly than sitting down to hand-write recipes. But then I got to thinking…

When I was younger, I remember my mother sitting at the kitchen table and writing down recipes on index cards and putting them in her recipe box. My grandmother did the same. I followed suit when I was younger and have quite a few hand-written recipes of my own.


My mother and grandmother aren’t with us any longer, but it is nice to look at these cards and see their handwriting. Some of the cards are stained with cooking oil and vanilla, giving the card even more character, knowing that the spill probably happened while they were cooking for us kids.

Not too long ago, while visiting my daughter, I saw the recipe box that I gave her for Christmas on her table, and yes, she does actually write cards of her own. And one day, she will be given “our” cards as well to include in this family tradition.  

Today's blog: Do you have a favorite dish made by a beloved family member but worry you won't be able to get the recipe quite right after they're gone? Jenn shares how she recently wrote down her favorite recipes and bought her daughter a recipe box to keep for generations to come.