Moms – Your Best Is Good Enough!

Moms – Your Best Is Good Enough!

I have recently read an article about a woman named Celeste Erlach who wrote her husband a letter asking for help raising their two small children, a baby and toddler. Apparently, this letter went viral. 

In her letter she went into detail about needing some rest but wasn’t getting help from her husband as he kept pushing the bassinet toward her side of the bed until she took over. This incident pushed her to the point where she wrote this famous letter to her husband.

After I read the article, I came to the conclusion that the most disturbing part for me was the fact that she was afraid of people pinning her as an inadequate mother. It was then when I looked back on my own experience with my three children and the struggles I endured. I also wanted to be the “perfect mom” and impress our families and friends with the impression I could do it all. 

I am here to let young moms know that you don’t have to be perfect. Perfect moms don’t exist and the only thing that should be expected from us is that we do the best we can. Asking for help does NOT mean you are inadequate and you shouldn’t feel guilty in doing so. We need to take care of ourselves because if we don’t we are no good for our children. This means letting up on ourselves as well because I believe we are our own worst critic at times.

My words to all moms, be kind to yourselves and don’t be so judgmental on other moms. We all have our trials and they will pass. Get up, dust yourself off and continue on with the great adventure we call motherhood. 

Jenn Riffee explains that perfect moms don't exist because your doing your best is good enough.