Managing Stress Through the Holidays

Managing Stress Through the Holidays

Christmas is a time for celebration and giving. But for many people this can be a stressful time, too. Try not to lose sight of what is really important.

I know that’s easy to say, but please try. While the holiday season should be a fun and relaxing time, the truth is there is a lot to do. For many, the holidays can be a burden. Don’t let it be. You are in control of that. 

Be mindful by focusing your attention on the moment. This can refocus your attention on the important things instead of catching up on your thoughts about the past or future. Don’t set the bar too high in a way that you let yourself down if your efforts don’t live up to your expectations. Not everything will go as planned. Acknowledge that things never go exactly as planned. It’s OK not to be perfect. Nobody is. It’s perfectly normal and healthy if you just accept that.

Don’t lose sight of what really counts. Long lines, traffic and time management can be stressful. Don’t let these things get the best of you. Use these as opportunities to reflect and appreciate all the good things you have in your life and remember all the things for which you are grateful. Take the time in your long line to connect with someone else who is probably thinking the same as you. Take this time as an opportunity to compliment them or show a gesture of kindness. Spread the holiday cheer instead of wallowing in your stress. This will help you and someone else.

Remember to breathe and gain a positive perspective. Let yourself enjoy the moment. Let your feelings of guilt wash away. Remember you are standing in line for good reason. Christmas is going to be great! It always is. Let it be.

  Today, Jeff Parsons shares some tips to help manage your stress throughout the holiday season.