The Legacy of Barbara Bush

The Legacy of Barbara Bush

One of our country’s most remarkable women, Barbara Bush, passed away at her home in Houston, TX at the age of 92. She was a remarkable woman and definitely the backbone of her large family as well as an advocate for literacy and possessed a strong belief in American family structure.  

There are many wise quotes from our former first lady being posted all over the Internet. One of my favorites is when she addressed the commencement ceremony at Wellesley College:

“Cherish your human connections – your relationships with family and friends.  For several years you’ve had impressed upon you the importance to your career of dedication and hard work, and, of course, that’s true. But as important as your obligations as a doctor, lawyer or business leader will be, you are a human being first, and those human connections – with spouses, with children, with friends – are the most important investments you will ever make.”

Aside from the many accomplishments had endured during her life, she was known quite well for wearing a necklace of three strands of pearls, her trademark fashion accessory. She wore them with suits and dresses, casual events and formal dinners. Barbara continued to do so long after husband left office.

In honor of Barbara Bush, many woman across our country are participating in the #PearlsforBarbara event on Saturday, April 21st, the day of our former First Lady’s funeral; to which our pearls will be worn in her honor. I plan on joining these women by pulling my pearls out of my jewelry box and showing respect for a great former First Lady, wife, mother and grandmother.


Barbara Bush, wife to former President George H. W. Bush, passed away at the age of 92 on Tuesday. Jenn Riffee explains what made her a great first lady, wife, mother and grandmother in today's blog.