Law Day

Law Day

Law Day

Did you know the United States celebrates Law Day on May 1? It’s true.

Back in 1957, American Bar Association president Charles S. Rhyne envisioned a special day for celebrating our legal system.

Former United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower liked the idea and declared in 1958 to indeed celebrate the importance of the rule of law. In 1961, Congress designated the May 1 date.

This year, there is even a theme. It is “Toward a More Perfect Union: The Constitution in Times of Change.”

See, Law Day isn’t just to celebrate the importance of law, but is an opportunity to host or participate in discussions about law and its role in society. Resources are available through the American Bar Association for schools, state and local bar associations, civic organizations and others to plan programs, lessons and activities for a variety of public audiences, both in-person and virtually.

Law Day has proven so popular it’s grown to many other countries outside of the United States. Some celebrations take place the week or so before May 1.

Whatever the case, take a moment to recognize the rule of law and research how we’re a better society because of it.