Jamie Bordas Explains How Co-Counsel Relationships Can Bring Great Results and Valued Friendships

Jamie Bordas Explains How Co-Counsel Relationships Can Bring Great Results and Valued Friendships

Jamie Bordas Explains How Co-Counsel Relationships Can Bring Great Results and Valued Friendships

As the year approaches an end, I think back on some of the lawyers from other firms who I have had an opportunity to work with in a co-counsel capacity. It is always very humbling when another firm asks you to work with it to represent their client. This year was particularly special though as I think about some of the great relationships and friendships that I have formed over the past year or two.

I fondly recall being in mediations with the father-son duo of Rod and Scott Windom from Ritchie County representing individuals who had lost a loved one as a result of an industrial explosion and another man who had been badly injured.  As I have been in many mediations with my own Dad over the years, I enjoyed seeing another father-son team in a similar role.  

This year saw the conclusion of a mass tort case that I worked on with the Skinner Firm from Charles Town.  I will treasure the friendship that I have formed with Andrew Skinner and Laura Davis and admire the quality work that they perform on behalf of their clients. We were able to obtain significant justice for dozens of homeowners who had been fraudulently mistreated by a national home builder. 

I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work on numerous occasions with Ben Salango from Charleston in representing policy holders who inappropriately had insurance benefits withheld.  Ben is one of the brightest young legal minds in the state and a genuinely good guy. We have been able to stand up to these insurance companies together and obtain significant recoveries for our clients.

Speaking of Charleston, I have had the opportunity to work with Brooks West on several occasions. Brooks continues to fight hard for his clients and is incredibly creative as a lawyer. I am confident that our new relationship will continue to grow and look forward to working on cases with him.

I have had the chance to work with Dorwin Wolfe from Elkins.  Dorwin has been a friend of our firm for a number of years.  He is immensely talented and has worked and trained closely with Gerry Spence, one of our nation's greatest trial lawyers. 

I was even fortunate enough to receive a call from an extremely good college and law school friend, Too Keller, from Indianapolis about working on a case involving a defective door that badly injured a woman at a hotel. Too has his own firm now and is one of the best people I have met in my lifetime. I know that his firm will continue to grow and his career will continue to flourish. 

These relationships are all special in their own ways. But, they all have something in common. They allow me the opportunity to work with some great people. Although they each may have their own reasons for approaching me to work with them, they have all allowed me to work with bright individuals to achieve justice for our clients. I have learned a great deal from each of them and I believe that I am a better lawyer in some way because of each of these relationships.

So, as the year winds down, I take this opportunity to say thanks to them. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for fighting for our clients with me. But, most of all, thank you for your friendship.  It is truly valued.