It’s Cold – Bring Your Animals Inside!

It’s Cold – Bring Your Animals Inside!

It’s Cold – Bring Your Animals Inside!

With winter in almost full force, it’s time to bring your animals inside and out of the cold. I’m one who truly believes that if you have a dog, they should be part of your family, they live inside with you, not tied to a dog box or a tree outside all year round. I know that some dogs can take the cold better that others, you should know this before getting any dog.

Barley & Guinness live inside and sleep in our bed with us if they so choose. They love to be out in the cold weather and love the snow, but when they want to come in and lay by the fire, they can do that whenever they want.

With the cold temperatures here, you need to get your best friend out of the cold and inside. You need to make sure that have shelter and what you’re providing them is recommended for these freezing and below freezing temperatures. Dogs are freezing to death in these cold temperatures due to the lack of common sense. If you must leave your dog outside, you must make sure that have plenty of food and that their water is not frozen, they have insulated shelters that are kept dry and clean, if not they will freeze to what ever it is that they are laying on.

Do the right thing, bring them inside. If it’s to cold for you to sleep outside it’s to cold for them. Once again there are some dog who love these freezing temperatures and can withstand them to appoint.

Be the person that your dog thinks you are, kind, caring , loving and with take care of them the right way for all their lives.

Bring them inside!!!

Adopt don’t shop and animal fighting is not a sport, it is abuse and needs to be reported to the local authorities.

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