Importance of Relaxation

Importance of Relaxation

Life is often stressful -- especially through 2020. It often feels like there’s no escaping life’s stressors.

I recently completed my fifth semester of college while working part-time and applying to law school. Certainly, the combination added up to the point where it could sometimes be difficult to keep up. Finally, I finished the semester and submitted all my applications. Yet, I still feel a daily stress: the need to do something. I realize now that maybe I just forgot how to relax!

Relaxation is great for the human body. It actually reduces blood pressure and heart rate, all while increasing blood flow to major muscles (helping to reduce aches and pains). If the benefits are so great, why do so many people, me included, find it so hard to just relax sometimes? The answer is not always simple. One explanation is that when you’re trying so hard to relax, you actually trigger the sympathetic nervous system“fight or flight” response, causing you to not be able to physiologically relax. We are so used to the mentally and physically taxing demands of daily life that when we go to relax, our bodies don’t let us.

So how can we relax? Well, like most things in this world, it requires some dedication. Setting a schedule for work can go a long way to helping you and your body know when it is okay to relax. Be sure to set a time to be done with work if you’re working from home. When time is up, get away from your computer and let yourself recharge! Finding ways to alleviate stress will also help your body wind down and get some well-deserved rest. Try taking an easy walk and enjoy the nature. Or maybe try deep breathing to slow your heart rate and clear your mind. People also find listening to calming music helpful for relaxation. You just need to find what works for you and helps you get your mind off of the stressors in your life.

Whatever it is, make sure to schedule out some dedicated relaxation time so that you can stay in your best shape!

Relaxation is important for the human body. Jake Balbach explains why we should take time out of each day to relax and recharge.