The Importance of an Internship

The Importance of an Internship

National Intern Day is celebrated in July. As a current intern at Bordas & Bordas, I thought this would be an excellent time to share the importance of an internship and the lessons I’ve learned in my own experiences.

An internship is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to learn. To grow. To make connections. To showcase and develop skills. Often, internships are the first step in starting a career. Yet sometimes it can tell students exactly what they never want to do again. Those lessons can be crucial to the learning experience of young professionals. College classes can only teach you so much, but the value of an internship is immeasurable.

Having access to the minds of those with decades of experience provides interns with first-hand expertise within their desired field. Additionally, internships allow students to participate in a hands-on approach to learning, taking all of the classroom knowledge and applying it to real-world situations. Finally, an internship grants access into the professional world and an entire network of connections. Often times, professionals have vitally important advice for an intern’s next steps and can act as a mentor for years to come.

Personally, I have been extremely blessed to work at Bordas & Bordas over the past year, learning from skilled professionals in the legal field. One word comes to mind when I think about my most valuable lesson from this experience— confidence. On my first day, I was nervous. I thought to myself: “What am I going to do to be worth their time?” I was selling myself short. Since that first day, I have been challenged to push myself and develop skills I never knew I possessed. Exposure to the real work of a law firm has helped me to focus my own goals and chart a path toward career success. As I head into my senior year of undergraduate study, I feel more confident in my ability to pursue my dreams and become an attorney myself.

I cannot thank Bordas & Bordas and all of the employees enough for the positive experiences I continue to have each day. I know I’ve gained excellent mentors and, more importantly, friends for life.

Bordas & Bordas intern Jake Balbach shares the importance of an internship and the lessons he has learned throughout his experience.