How can I Contact my Lawyer to Discuss a Potential Case?

How can I Contact my Lawyer to Discuss a Potential Case?

How can I Contact my Lawyer to Discuss a Potential Case?

When you experience a situation where you realize that you may need legal help, it can seem overwhelming at first. You may be injured or sick, you may have just lost a job, or even worse, a loved one. There might be calls to make to insurance companies, medical bills piling up, a vehicle out of commission, and many other things you must deal with that seem confusing or intimidating. Contacting an attorney to discuss your potential legal situation may seem like another scary task about which you are just not certain of what to do. This doesn’t need to be the case, and there are different ways to reach out to an attorney to get an evaluation of your potential case and learn about your legal options.

Telephone calls

One of the most common ways to reach an attorney and discuss a potential legal claim is to pick up the phone and call the attorneys’ office. Firms will typically make their telephone number readily available through print advertising, TV and radio commercials, and their website. Once you call in, you can explain to the person who answers the phone that you would like to speak to a lawyer about a potential legal situation, or can even just say that you were in a car wreck, lost your job, or had a bad medical experience, and want to talk to a lawyer. Once you have been put in touch with a lawyer, they will go through your situation in more detail to determine what your legal options are. Telephone calls to an attorney are a fast and direct way to discuss the situation, however, if you call after business hours, it may be more difficult to speak to someone right away. Phone calls can also be overwhelming for some people, particularly when it requires them to discuss something sensitive or stressful. If that is the case, there are some other options to reach out initially to an attorney.

Website inquiries

Another direct way to contact a lawyer’s office about a legal claim is to submit some information through their website. This is beneficial for a lot of people who might not be able to initially call a lawyer’s office during business hours, and can also reduce some of the stress of having to speak to someone on the phone and answer questions about a difficult situation right off the bat. Oftentimes, the website will have a chat function that allows you to message with an intake representative to provide some information about your situation, after which, you will be put in touch with an attorney who can call or email you to discuss the situation in more depth. This is a good option for reaching out to an attorney at any time of day and for people who may not be quite ready to get into a full conversation about their situation.

Social media

Many lawyers’ offices have social media pages, such as Facebook and Twitter, where they can interact with new clients and make arrangements to discuss potential legal claims. You can send direct messages to the account through their pages, and explain that you are looking to speak to a lawyer. This can be a good option if you do not have access to a computer but can access the social media accounts through apps on your phone.

You can contact the attorneys at Bordas & Bordas to discuss potential legal claims through any of these channels. Our attorneys and staff members will make sure that you are promptly directed to the appropriate person to speak to about your situation, and you will receive timely responses to any calls, messages, or submissions through our website. While contacting a lawyer can be an unfamiliar thing to do, we are happy to help make the process as easy on you as possible.