The Holidays are Coming

The Holidays are Coming

The Holidays are Coming

The holiday season is almost upon us.

Yes, it’s only about one month until Thanksgiving and two months until Christmas. Yikes! And this holiday season will most definitely be different -- on so many levels. 

So how do we prepare for this new and uncharted territory?

I believe we need to start thinking outside the box and make this holiday season extra special.  Let’s get journaling by jotting down thoughts and ideas that would make the season a unique time for our families.

I started writing down all the things I remember about my childhood experiences because it was a slower time. We didn’t eat out much, hardly traveled and visited family through phone calls and letters. There were no electronics,  internet or cell phones; schools were smaller and more local; there was only one car per family; and activities were limited.

Yes, I know this really tells my age. But I too have become part of the fast-paced society – and I’ve adapted well! Then this huge wall sprung up this past winter and everything came to a screeching halt. Sadly, things will be different.

But hey, let’s turn this around and make the season extraordinary and unforgettable.

As long as you plan ahead, expect things to go wrong. Yet laugh at your mistakes. Go with the flow. Adapt on the fly. It will be a great adventure. And memorable. 

Here are a few ideas you may or may not already do. But plan now. Relax and enjoy your family.

  • A pumpkin carving and decorating contest.
  • Carve or decorate a pumpkin for a neighbor.
  • Dig out those old recipes and plan to cook. Fix what you can ahead of time. Share with a lonely neighbor.
  • Make Christmas cards or buy some at the dollar store. Write a note in each one and send them to family, friends and neighbors.
  • Make holiday decorations such as paper chains, ornaments and such. I remember making pine trees out of old Readers Digests. I’m not sure if they are thick enough now, but it could work!
  • Make a special homemade gift.
  • Do a chore for someone.
  • Give the gift of time.  We have so little of it.

There are so many ideas out there. Just think outside the box and make it special. Make it different -- because we are surely living in a different world.

Every year I get so stressed out trying to make it a good holiday season for everyone that, in the end, I am excited when it is over. I miss the reason for the season.

This year I’m going to focus more on the reason and enjoy this life I have been chosen to live.  Be thankful, grateful, loving, kind and oh so forgiving.  Love one another because we are all in this together -- not just during the holiday season, but every day of every year.