Happy Birthday Betty White

Happy Birthday Betty White

Happy Birthday Betty White

I wrote this piece on New Year’s Eve when I heard about Betty White passing away and posted it on my Facebook page. I don’t know what more you can say about Betty White, the funny lady and animal activist, but several of my friends said it was blog material, so I rewrote a few things and here it is:

Betty White was more than just a funny lady; she was the first lady I remember telling all of us (including me) to be kind to animals. Because of Betty I've tried to give and find good homes to and for shelter dogs. I take care of stray cats and dogs. I donate what I can to care for our shelter animals. And sometimes I go and rescue animals that my family, friends and friends of friends call about asking for my help. I preach to anyone who will listen about “puppy mills,” pet shops, over breeders and I explain to people about dog meat farms overseas.

I never met Betty White, but she had a ridiculously significant impact on my life. At midnight on Jan. 1, I raised a glass to Betty with family and friends. I thanked her for helping me understand the true meaning of the words, "For the Love of Animals." Thank you, Betty White, for teaching so many of us to be kind to animals and to be their voice when no one else will speak up.

As you crossed "The Rainbow Bridge," I can only imagine how you were greeted before you saw the pearly gates of Heaven. We all know you wouldn’t make it to the gates without the proper greeting!

Rest in peace Betty White. Thank you for all you've done for all the animals. Your legacy will be continued by so many of us. I pray we will live up to your expectations.

So, on Jan. 17, which would have been her 100th birthday, donate to your local animal shelter if you can. Give an animal hope where there was none. You can also donate to local law enforcement who have a K-9 Unit and comfort dogs.

Adopt don’t shop. Also, dog fighting is not a sport; it’s abuse so call your local authorities to report it.

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