Getting Ready for Summer Fun in the Sun

Getting Ready for Summer Fun in the Sun

Getting Ready for Summer Fun in the Sun

Before we know it, summer will be here -- along with the heat and, hopefully, the sunshine. We all know how summer can be.

Here are some things we all need to remember to pack or have on hand for our summer fun and vacations: sunscreen, life jackets (if you’re going boating), bug spray, shirts, hats, shoes, sunglasses, games, toys, books, beach chairs, towels, coolers and umbrellas. These items are essentials to have on hand for fun in the sun or on vacation (or at home).

On a vacation no one wants to have to stay away from the beach or pool because they didn’t apply sunscreen and they get a severe sunburn that could lead to sun poisoning. That really puts you out of doing anything outside, like playing outdoor games or sitting on the beach or at pool side.

Lifejackets on a boat are a must for everyone on board but especially for children and dogs. If you are boating, make sure you know where the life jackets are located, and make sure all children and dogs always wear theirs. No one wants to end up in the water without something to help them float.

Bug spray, I cannot stress this enough if you are like me. Bugs just eat me alive, so bringing bug spray is very important -- and make sure you have enough to share with your family and friends who forget theirs.

Shirts, hats, shoes and sunglasses are also items you will need to have on hand so you can help block the sun when needed. Shoes will help you walk on the hot sand, pavement or boardwalks. Remember that if the surface is too hot for your feet it is also too hot for your dogs’ paws.

Sunglasses are a must to help protect your eyes from glare off the water and, of course, the sun. Chairs, towels and a beach umbrella are also good items to have with you for a long day on the beach. Also, take a cooler, which makes it so much easier when your child asks for a drink or snack.

Games, toys and books are very helpful when heading to the pool or beach. It makes it so much more fun when your children have things to do. Kids get bored fast, so make sure you have items that will help fill their days with excitement and keep them occupied for a long day at the beach or pool. No one want to hear a whiny child or adult sitting next to them. And, yes, I did say “adults.” There is one thing I’ve learned over the years: My husband likes to be doing more than sitting pool side or at the beach. He will get up and walk, yet making sure he has something to do is very important for my state of mental health. Books, cards, beach toys and other outdoor beach games are fun for the whole family.

So, when heading to the pool or on vacation make sure you remember to pack some of these items and whatever else you feel will make your family happy for the long days on the beach or at the pool on vacation.  

Go out and have fun this summer be it at the beach, pool or just in your backyard. Get out from in front of the TVs and computers and get back to enjoying the great outdoors!

Also, remember to Adopt and Don’t Shop for your pet. Head to your local animal shelter to meet your new best friend that will never let you down.

Summer will be here soon!!