Getting Ready to Ring in the New Year

Getting Ready to Ring in the New Year

Getting Ready to Ring in the New Year

In 2021, some of us lost family members, friends and our beloved four-legged furever friends who loved us more than they loved themselves. Some people have been managing personal issues that rocked their world. You never know what someone is going through, so we should all try to be kind to one another each day.

I’ve personally learned a lot about myself in 2021 through some deep soul searching and many sleepless nights. Here are just a few realities I’ve come to grips with. First, friendship is a two-way street. Some who have claimed to be my friend are truly not. I cannot fix everything for everyone. I care way too much, and my heart is easily broken. I would like everyone to be HAPPY. I would like for everyone to be kind and caring to humans and animals.

I would love people to do random acts of kindness without posting it all over social media. I would like world peace. It is OK that I cannot fix everything for everyone. It is OK if I cannot make everyone happy and it is OK if people do not like me.

It is OK to say NO. The most important thing I learned about myself is to keep my friendship circle small. It’s smart to cut ties with people that bring drama and just want to do things with you because of what you have and how it benefits them. It may be hard but walk away. Mean people exist. Some people just get enjoyment by spreading rumors about people. Trust me I know; I have seen it in action at its very worst. Make sure your closet is cleaned out before entering 2022. 

There are things I’d like to try to make happen in 2022. I would like to spend more time with my family, my extremely loving cousins, and my incredibly supportive and loving small circle of friends. I would like to travel a little more. I would like people to know I have their backs when they need me. I would like people to know when they tell me something they can trust that it stays with me.

I still will want world peace and will always want that for the rest of my life. I would like to see people treat and speak to others like they would like to be treated and spoken to. Sometimes we really need to take a step back and think before we speak.

Agree to disagree. Most times two different roads lead to the same place. Some people just like to take the road less traveled.

I would like every shelter animal to find a furever home and be loved. I would like all our children in foster care or any other youth system to find the right family so they can know the true meaning of happiness and love without childhood worries.

I would like to see more people put their faith in God and not in or on social media.

I would like for people to know I love them before it is too late. I would like our country to come together as one and stop being ripped apart because of hate. 

Of my “would like” list, some will happen in 2022; other “would like” items will not. But if I keep praying, I know God will answer my prayers in the way God wants them managed. Sometimes unanswered prayers are just the answers you have been praying for. 

Put your faith back in God’s hands and stop the hate in 2022.