The Foods I Love to Hate

The Foods I Love to Hate

Am I the only person who is not a fan of s’mores? I like chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows by themselves, but I don’t want them mooshed together, especially melted. They are sickeningly sweet and make my teeth grit. You know the feeling, like fingernails down a blackboard. I think it’s the melted marshmallow. It turns sweeter when it’s heated. If you mix that up with melted chocolate, it’s just so sweet and cloying. I actually feel sick eating them, which is why I abstain. I’ve had s’mores twice. Once as a child and once as an adult. The reason behind that is sometimes you don’t like something as a kid but will like it as an adult, but I am still not a fan.

I also don’t like pancakes with syrup. Pancakes should be treated like glorified toast--butter only. I love them with eggs. They are really good dipped in the yellow. I have to say that syrup ruins a good pancake. It makes them fall apart and get mushy. I don’t want to resort to eating them with a spoon. Syrup ruins the entire pancake eating experience.

One of my bigger food aversions is coconut and sauerkraut. They are both equally disgusting. If I was stranded on a deserted island with only coconut trees, I’m pretty sure I would die, unless fresh coconut tastes better than the kind you buy in a bag. I can eat a small amount of sauerkraut if it’s cooked all day in pork. Other than that, no. Just no.

My biggest food aversion is nuts. It is my opinion that nuts do not belong in food. Rice with slivered almonds is not a good combination. Dressing with chestnuts—no thank you. All candy bars in existence should not have nuts in them, or at least provide a nut-free version. How wonderful the world of candy bars would be if there were no nuts in any of them. Nuts belong salted in a can and that’s it, except walnuts. Walnuts should be drummed out of town because they taste so bad. Nothing tastes better with a walnut in it. Cracking walnuts is fun. Eating them is not.

Other than these five things, I’m pretty easy to please. I’ll try anything at least once. If it’s fried, baked or grilled, I’m there. Strange-looking desserts? Bring it. But, by all that is holy, hold the nuts!

S'mores and syrup and sauerkraut- Oh my! Find out why Sally Blon is not a fan of these foods in today's blog.