A Feeding Frenzy

A Feeding Frenzy

My wife, Brenda, and I are no strangers to Amish Country. Brenda goes for the shops and the old-time feel of the Amish communities. I go for the food.  

Recently, we were driving through Amish country with our granddaughters. Someone suggested that we make a stopover at “The Farm” in Walnut Creek, Ohio. Besides traditional farm animals, “The Farm” also features a driving tour where you can see and feed other, more exotic animals. It sounded like fun, so we bought the food, piled into the car, and set off on our adventure.

The girls were absolutely delighted by the deer, goats, and pot-bellied pigs that lined the roadway. Most of them were a little skittish, but a few came up to the car and were willing to eat out of your hands. Naturally, the girls were thrilled.

As we kept driving, the animals became larger, more exotic, and definitely more aggressive. The llamas knew the routine. With their long necks they could stretch into the car and try to steal a mouthful right out of the food bucket.  The ostriches did the same thing.  If you worked hard enough, you could feed them handfuls of food through the car window, but they all knew that the bucket was the big score.

So far everything was manageable. But by the time we reached the bison and the water buffalo, I was getting nervous. Before I knew what was happening, I had giant heads with giant tongues pushing through the window and reaching for the bucket. The girls were laughing, then screaming, then laughing some more. My wife and daughter were cackling nonstop as they snapped pictures from the backseat. Meanwhile, I got slimed by a water buffalo. That only made them laugh harder.

I know my granddaughters thoroughly enjoyed their ride. And if I’m being perfectly honest, I did too. If you would like to have an adventure of your own, check out “The Farm.” It’s only about an hour and a half away and its fun for the whole family. And if you’re smart like me, you’ll stop for dinner at an Amish restaurant before heading home!

*Image courtesy of Unsplash

Today's blog: Jay Stoneking recently took his wife and granddaughters to "The Farm" in Walnut Creek, OH and in today's blog he tells us all about his experience in Amish Country.