Family Fun in the Snow

Family Fun in the Snow

With the first snow of the season in the forecast, I am getting excited. I know that most people detest snow and the cold, gloomy days that come with them. Most people consider snowy days as a time to avoid the outdoors and stay inside. However, I am not most people. I see the cold as a time for my favorite outdoor activity—skiing.

I fell in love with skiing in the third grade. I convinced my parents to take the family up the mountains after hearing about a kids’ skiing program. It didn’t take long for my family to get hooked on the winter sport. Now, as a junior in college, I can look back at all of the family fun I’ve experienced in the snow. I am even planning my first trip to ski out west with my dad.

Some of my best memories growing up are out on the slopes of western Pennsylvania. It is now an annual family tradition. We spend a few hours out skiing and then return to the lodge to warm up by the fire with some hot chocolate and a packed lunch.

The point is, cold weather shouldn’t always mean staying inside! It can still be fun to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Not only is it fun, but it is also good for you. Staying locked inside during the cold months can be bad for your physical and mental health. Getting a healthy dose of outdoor exercise can drastically change your outlook when the sun doesn’t shine as bright. Even if skiing down a mountain does not sound like a good time to you, there are countless other cold weather activities to try out with your families.

Go ice skating. Have a bonfire. Hike through the snow-covered woods. Go sled-riding. Build a snow fort. Have a snowball fight. Whatever you choose to do, I guarantee your family will make lasting memories.

I encourage everyone to avoid shutting their doors and windows at the first sign of snow. Get outside and enjoy some family fun. Just remember to wear your coat!

Skiing, snowball fights, sled riding and ice skating are all great winter activities. With winter weather in the forecast, Jake Balbach encourages all of us to go outside and enjoy some family fun.