A Fall Tradition

A Fall Tradition

This time of year around our house my family is preparing for hunting season.

We’ve been working on food plots, cleaning out hunting blinds and setting up our tree cameras.

Since my husband was little, he’s always hunted with his dad and brother, learning all sorts of things. Now he’s passing along the knowledge he’s learned to our girls and making sure they know the correct and safe ways to do things.

He’s making special memories with them.  Last year, he and our oldest shot a nice buck behind our house. She was so excited and now the mount hangs in her room.

When I was little, my mom told me I tried to help my dad skin his deer with a butter knife. I don’t figure it worked well, but that’s one story I hold dear to my heart.  

One tradition we do on the first day of West Virginia’s rifle season is making a big pot of chili. That was the one thing his mom did every year and -- even though my chili isn’t as good as hers -- I’m trying my best to keep her tradition going!

Hunting is a tradition for many families. Christen Blake shares what this fall tradition means to her.