An Extra Special Day July 15th

An Extra Special Day July 15th

An Extra Special Day July 15th

My youngest daughter is 5-years-old today. While Mamma is at work, she is busy making Oreo pudding cups with her brother, Charles, and sister, Aleigha. Later, we have a special evening planned: she is getting a new bike and a hula hoop.

What's the big deal? Kids celebrate their birthdays all the time, but this is very different; it's extra special to me.

On July 15, 2009, in another county and state, my daughter was born and I didn't even know it.

She was 5 pounds, 2 ounces and born in the middle of the afternoon. At that time, I think I was away at the beach.

I had no idea what the next year would bring and where it would leave me and my family today.

In November 2009, my husband and I decided we would like to help the children of West Virginia, which led us into foster parenting.

On March 5, 2010, I received a call here at work and that was the day that our daughter came to us. She was 7 ½ months old. Instantly, we readied the house for this infant as our youngest at the time was 9.

Over the next 2 ½ years, under the watchful eye of The Honorable Judge Ronald Wilson, we cared for Shauney. During this time we celebrated holidays and birthdays in every way that a family would. Little did we know that we would one day be lucky enough to have her as our very own daughter.

In December 2012, that became a reality. My family gathered in front of Judge Wilson where he granted the adoption of Shauney to the Dodd family and here we are today.

I look back on her last five years and realize each and every day, whether it's a good day or a rocky one, we have been so blessed to have this gift from God: our little angel, Shauney. July 15 is and always will be a happy day. Happy 5th Birthday Shauney Rose Dodd!