Every Child Deserves That Magical Christmas Night

Every Child Deserves That Magical Christmas Night

Remember your Christmases past?  

Hopefully they were filled with smiles, warmth and magical moments. 

Some may not be so lucky to have that experience.  

Consider generosity to be a must, not a maybe, this holiday season.

There are so many children that don’t have a wonderous Christmas. In fact, they have no presents, no tree, no Christmas meal. There’s no bedtime story, nor a warm bed. Moreover, there’s no one to share the experience of trying to stay awake as they await the sound of the reindeer footsteps on their roof. As harsh as it sounds, this is a reality. The reality is that it’s just another day.

We all know that every child deserves that night of hope, with the fulfillment of that dream in the morning, at the very least. It does not have to be extraordinary, just ordinary. Children are so precious, and that innocence doesn’t last too long these days. Before you know it, they are growing up and no longer have that sparkle of hope for Santa in their eyes.

Many factors contribute to the increasing problem, whether it be a family member’s medical crisis, lost job, difficulties of any sort, whatever the reason may be – we should never judge with the many struggling families and broken homes, more and more children are getting lost. No one to provide these basic necessities. Realistically, many do without the very things that so many take for granted on a daily basis.  

If you are able to help, please make that difference this holiday season.

Children cannot and should not have to provide for themselves. They rely solely upon those around them. For whatever the reason that their families and caretakers are unable to meet these needs, we need to do what we can. Whether you are a neighbor, a teacher or a stranger who sees a family struggle, make a difference in some way. Even a small amount goes a long way. It is truly a magical night of peace and security that each child should be able to experience. It is food on the table, a warm bed to sleep in, surrounded with loved ones to share a story. Help a family get a Christmas tree. Help provide a meal. Warm blankets. Some sort of special treat.  

This is an issue that is a 365-day, 24/7 problem. Let’s not let Christmas be one of those days anymore. Doesn’t have to be extraordinary, just ordinary – the gift of love.


Image courtesy of Unsplash.

Today's blog: Unfortunately, there are more children than we know who go without presents or a meal at Christmastime. Erin urges everyone, no matter how much, to give a little this Christmas to those in need. You never know how much a little can go a long way!