Embracing New Beginnings

Embracing New Beginnings

Embracing New Beginnings

Starting over.  AGAIN!  Not always what you expect to do, but sometimes it’s just necessary.

With each New Year, many re-evaluate the positives and negatives over the last year.  Sometimes we just aren’t able to reconcile with ourselves to any degree of satisfaction on certain matters.  So, what happens next?  I’ll tell you what happens next.  We implement a plan of action to start off on the right foot.  Make this New Year the one- the year it’s all going to happen.

Nobody likes starting over.  Sometimes life’s situation forces you to whether you want to or not.  There are those of us who love the thrill and excitement of a new adventure and throw ourselves right in to a new beginning.  It’s rarely easy.  And, it’s always different.  Afterall, if what used to be the norm was working then no change would be warranted, but if you’ve decided it’s time, then something has to happen to make that change.

The changes we desire can be large or small and range from personal goals of physical fitness and dieting to attending church more often and dedicating more time to community. The change could be needed in relationships or careers.  Whatever the change you are looking for, it generally makes for a much better you in this world, whatever the case may be, it needs a plan of action and no better time that the first day of a brand new year and it’s something to look forward to, don’t wait out of fear.

Let’s toss away the negative; change the old habits and fill those gaps with positive.  One minute, one hour, one day, slow and steady the positive will begin to accumulate and erase the old negatives, but it can be a challenge. Remember to be realistic that nothing will happen magically overnight.

It is so easy to be complacent and simply stay in an unhealthy relationships or unfulfilling jobs.  Why sit on the couch and let depression overwhelm you because you don’t feel good about yourself whether it’s your physical health and appearance or your shot-tempered grumpy-self?  It may have spiraled but stop.  Now is the time.  It’s time to begin again and it’s worth it and do it for you.

We all want positive change even though the path to get there may not be quite as enticing.  And, it will never change until you bottom out and have had enough of whatever that imperfection you have been confronted with for some time now.  Let’s get there!  Start it new on the first day of your new year.  Make it a prize before you even get to that point.  Tell yourself every day, this is what I am doing to make my positive change and at least I am doing something about it.

There is no longer the need to hold onto something dissatisfying just because it’s familiar.  Familiarity isn’t always comfortable and it certainly does not mean it’s satisfying.  Everyday is a beginning and it’s our cycle of life, the beginning and the end.  Make the most of the one life you have been put here to live.  Be your own cheerleader.  I know I have my list that I have failed to complete time and time again. I will start with a new beginning to face my personal obstacles and force myself to be up to the challenge. I hope you make 2020 the year for you.  Have a Very Happy New Year and may you live the best life you have while it’s here.