Eleven Tips for Driving During the Winter

Eleven Tips for Driving During the Winter

Eleven Tips for Driving During the Winter

Whether we like it or not- the snowy season is upon us! For some people, they rejoice in the white conditions outside - however, there is one group of individuals known to fear these conditions – drivers. In order to prepare you for these conditions, here are some helpful tips for winter driving:

Stay at home if possible – do not go out unless you need to;

Drive slowly – you should lower your speed in order to account for a lower amount of traction when there is snow or ice present on the ground;

Stay a further distance away from other vehicles than you normally would to account for a longer time it may take you to stop;

Make sure your tires have plenty of tread.

Do not speed.

Check the weather conditions before you head out so that you are not surprised mid-drive if conditions start to change.

Don’t panic if your vehicle starts to slide;

Make sure your gas tank is at least half full as there is a higher chance you will get stuck in traffic.

Be prepared – make sure you have an ice scraper or some other type of tool to de-ice windows;

Avoid using cruise control;

Work remotely if possible – if you can get your work done in the safety of your own home you should do so and avoid adding the additional risk that comes with the morning commute during snowy conditions.

While snowy or icy conditions can cause anxiety among drivers, being prepared and keeping these eleven tips in mind will come in handy if you are required to hit the road.