Easy Campfire Cones

Easy Campfire Cones

Easy Campfire Cones

My husband and I recently became the proud owners of a small pop-up camper (or a PUP as most pop-up owners call them).

Perhaps needless to say, I’m way more excited than my husband about camping – because that usually means more work for him. LOL. Anyway, as part of my planning and preparation for our upcoming camping trip, I made a list of ideas for food.

Everyone knows camping means enjoying the outdoors, but just as important is having plenty of good food -- especially, delicious campfire sweets. S’mores and camping just seem to go hand-in-hand, so when I came across this recipe for Campfire Cones (a less messy alternative and fun twist on regular S’mores), I knew we’d have to try it. 

Hopefully, you and your family will enjoy some camping and S’mores this summer. So, just in case you want to try a Campfire Cone, I’ve included the recipe below:

Recipe for Campfire Cones from the Princess Pinky Girl website:


- 1 Waffle cone (You can stuff them with anything you like!)

- ¼ cup Mini-marshmallows

- ¼ cup Chocolate chips

- ¼ Banana

- 5 Strawberries

- 10 Raspberries


1.  Place a few mini-marshmallows in the bottom portion of the cone

(This is important to keep the chocolate from melting and dripping out of the hole in the bottom of the cone.)

2.  Stuff the cone with ingredients of your choice

3.  Stuff it very full and high (the marshmallows really meltdown)

4.  Wrap completely with tin foil

5.  Place on grill or over the campfire for 3-5 minutes

6.  Carefully unwrap & enjoy!!!!!