An Early and Virtual Black Friday

An Early and Virtual Black Friday

Black Friday has always been my favorite tradition. The typical Black Friday usually involves long lines, crowded stores and shoppers camping out.

Due to the global pandemic, this year will be different. Most stores have already started their Black Friday sales online. Stores are doing this in an effort to get shoppers to order online instead of visiting the actual store.

If you plan to virtual Black Friday shop, yet still want the thrill of going out on Black Friday morning, curbside pick-up is an option available at some stores. For those who need the Black Friday rush, stores will still be open, but it will not be as usual with COVID-19 restrictions in place. Some will use one direction aisles and social distancing markers will be prevalent throughout the stores. Also, stores will be reducing capacity.

Although I will miss plotting my shopping strategy and waking up at 4 a.m., I think this year my Black Friday will be done on the web. Stay safe everyone.

Black Friday shopping looks different this year.