Dream a Little Dream…

Dream a Little Dream…

Do you have dreams while you’re sleeping? Most of us do, although sometimes we can’t remember them. I don’t really think I dream that often, but I did have a funny one recently. 

I dreamt that my dog, Boo Bear, and I were in a dreary airport on our way to Las Vegas. Why I was taking him with me to Las Vegas I’ll never know. For some reason the ticket counter was in a very leaky, wet basement at the airport, and the airline worker who was checking me in already had my passport, which was completely torn up and in pretty bad shape for some reason. He approved me to get on the plane with my party of four, but I have no idea who the rest of my party were. As I turned to make my way to the boarding area, I discovered my luggage had mysteriously disappeared and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I also couldn’t figure out where I had to go to board my flight. The worst part of my “trip” to Vegas was I had to leave Boo Bear in the wet basement of the airport with a lot of other dogs who weren’t allowed to fly—one of them being a German Shepherd. 

Okay, so I’ll admit that’s a pretty silly dream, and what does it all mean? Our dreams come from our subconscious and, generally, they tell us something about ourselves. They can be about things we have experienced, our habits, our state of mind, future possibilities, etc. There is usually some meaning or explanation to our dreams, and they usually relate to something that we have been thinking about or doing within a day or so of having the dream. I love to travel and plan trips, and I’ve been to Las Vegas several times, so that part of my dream is not hard to figure out because I am always thinking of and planning the next adventure. Boo Bear is my elderly husky/buddy who sleeps in our room. Almost every night we have to get up around 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. to let him out to pee—hence the “wet” basement at the airport maybe? 

There was a story on the news last night about a family’s German Shepherd that had been missing for several years. The dog had been located thousands of miles away from its home and is now reunited with its family—this explains the German Shepherd in my dream. The other day I was wondering when my passport expired, so that’s probably why I dreamt about my passport, and the airline actually has lost my luggage before. So, as you can see, my dream is connected to things I have experienced in my life and things that are near and dear to me—like Boo Bear, travel, and my passport lol. Although I don’t usually remember my dreams, this one was very vivid, funny, and started my day off in a good way. It certainly didn’t have any really deep meaning. I’ll take my goofy, sweet dreams over a nightmare any day—or night.

Today's blog: Do you have crazy dreams while you’re sleeping? Most of us do, although sometimes we can’t remember them. Sheila had a pretty funny dream recently that she shares with us on the blog today!