Disconnect to Reconnect

Disconnect to Reconnect

Technology is all around us. It is crazy to think about how technology, seemingly overnight, has become such a mainstay in everyday life. Particularly, the cellphone’s functionality progressed rapidly from ordinary flip phones to highspeed smartphones. This progression altered our way of life. Now, almost everybody has a small computer in their pocket that is able to do incredible tasks in a moment’s notice. Smartphones literally give us an abundance of information in the palms of our hands. It is truly extraordinary to think about.

With this increase in technology, the use of computers, smartphones, and tablets have been engrained into most cultures in the world. These devices allow us to instantly communicate across states and countries by a click of a button. I imagine that looking at your cellphone is the last thing you do at night, and the first thing you do in the morning. And there is nothing wrong with that. The reality is that you must embrace the technological advances in order to be able to function in today’s world.

Although technology has streamlined our ability to communicate with others and access information, it sometimes can be overwhelming. That is why it is important to disconnect from your cellphone and other technological devices every so often to enjoy more of the simplistic pleasures of life. Whether that is reading a book, taking a walk, or just not looking at your phone after 8:00pm, little breaks from your devices will yield large benefits.

According to emarketer.com, on average, a United States adult spends nearly 3 hours on his or her smartphone and slightly over 1 hour on his or her tablet daily. In addition to these numbers, working adults and students are normally staring at a computer screen all day as well. When we combine the time spent looking at smartphones and tablets as well as a computer screen, much of the day we are spending our time staring at a screen.

It is essential to disconnect from our devices and embrace our surroundings on a daily basis. By putting down our smartphones, tablets or laptops, it will enable us to live in the present. Some of the best moments in life happen when our devices are stored away, and we are interacting with the people around us. Whether it is going out to dinner with your friends or taking a walk with your family, the conversations generated with the people you surround yourself with at that moment are what truly matter. So, the next time you are with your friends at dinner try placing your phone in your coat pocket and do not use it the entire meal. This will help you live in the moment and engage in meaningful conversation with those people. Simply put, it is important to disconnect from your technology devices to reconnect with the people around you.


It is essential to disconnect from our devices and embrace our surroundings on a daily basis.