Dedicated to Our Dog Jackson Who Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge

Dedicated to Our Dog Jackson Who Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge

Dedicated to Our Dog Jackson Who Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge

A while back I wrote a blog on how you will know when it is time to say “goodbye” to your pet. Well, I recently had to make the painful decision on what to do with our oldest dog, Jackson. I had noticed he was slowing down, sleeping more and having a hard time moving. He could not get comfortable no matter what.

So, on a Thursday, I took him to our veterinarian to see what, if anything, could be done. Our regular vet was out of town, but the vet filling in was wonderful. Jackson was not eating or drinking. They needed to get water into him, so they did a procedure called a water hump to have his body absorb the water slowly to keep him hydrated. Then he was sent home with several medications.

He was doing a little better that evening, but during the night he woke up, stood and stared off into space and would not sit or lay down. The next morning, he was still standing and staring off in the distance. The vet gave him some medication and a few other things to make him comfortable, but I really knew something more was wrong.I kept telling myself to give the medication a chance to get into Jackson’s system. I did not feel comfortable leaving Jackson alone all day.

I thank God I stayed home because he still was not getting better. He would not sit or lay for more than a few minutes at a time. Well, after a very long Friday night (I was selfish), Saturday morning came, and I finally looked at him and asked, “Is it time Jackson?" He looked me in my eyes and let me know it was.

I called our vet’s office and told them I would bring him in because he was not doing any better and getting worse every minute.

When they came into the room, we all knew Jackson was going to cross The Rainbow Bridge. As I held him in my arms and as he slipped away heading to The Rainbow Bridge, I swear he was smiling at us and thanking us for putting an end to his pain and suffering.

We left the vet’s office to head home to lay him to rest. Barley and Guinness sat on the hillside and watched as we laid Jackson to rest, but our other dog Rotis was not home at that time.

It was not easy on any of us. It is still extremely hard on the three others left behind. Jackson was the line leader, the alpha dog. If they were playing too rough or getting too loud, he would put them in their place and move on. He led them out every morning to go potty and then they would all come back in the house in the same order they went out. Our three boys are having a very hard time figuring out what to do every morning. None of them want to be the leader right now. They must go out in the morning through a different door.

Please stay with your dogs as they cross The Rainbow Bridge. They have always been with you during your twists and turns in life and you need to be there for them. Hold them and let them know how loved they really are and tell them “thank you” for giving you unconditional love.

Each day gets a little easier, but the pain is still there for our three boys. I am keeping everything as normal as I can for them, but they know things will never be the same since their line leader has crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. 

Chris Stapleton wrote a very heart-touching song for when his dog crossed over The Rainbow Bridge, but he truly gave that song to all of us to feel comfort after our best friends head over The Rainbow Bridge. It is a sad song, but it helps you understand they are in a better place. The song title is “Maggie’s Song” and, yes, Mr. Stapleton you are right: "A dog does have a soul."

I want to thank everyone at Wheeling Veterinarian for the help and support they gave Jackson and how much they helped me get through an extremely difficult time. Your kindness was amazing, just as all of you are. To Paige and Dee: Thank you so much for giving me a shoulder to lean and cry on. You will never know how much you helped me.

Missing you, Jackson. You had a very horrific start to your life, and I know when you came into our lives you became the dog you should have been from the start.

Adopt don’t Shop and remember dog fighting is not a sport. It is abuse and needs to be reported to the authorities.

Bark on Bordas Dog Nation. Bark on.

In Loving Memory of our boy Jackson gone way to soon.