True colors show when people practice what they preach. This is what we hold to be true as a core belief. And the transparency of people and businesses certainly are on the forefront during these troubling times. For people to sacrifice economically of themselves and to abide by recommendations put in place to ensure the safety and well-being of others is a true test of sincerity.

I wake up each morning and say a prayer of thanks. I am grateful my family is safe and I am thankful that my bosses here at Bordas & Bordas have taken the steps to protect each and every one of their staff during this world crisis -- while also ensuring the highest level of attention to our clients and their cases.

On March 18, we were sent home to shelter-in-place. What did this mean for our livelihood?  What did this mean for our cases? What it means here is nothing has changed.

The firm did not want to place the potentially devastating burden upon its staff to worry about their next pay or benefits. They did want to ensure we were safe.

Our lawyers have worked diligently to do everything they’ve always done while taking on the duties of the support staff. That’s practicing what you preach. That is sacrificing for every one of us and our families. I am beyond the shadow of a doubt forever grateful.

The attorneys have continued to give the utmost attention to each of our cases so clients need not have additional worries.

During the pandemic, our firm has made appropriate arrangements for us to begin working from home so that we can continue and not miss a beat. They held us up and continue to do so with each passing day. They have maintained the premium quality care to our clients and their cases all the while taking care of their very own families through these trying times.

Many days have passed and I am not sure how many we still face ahead. But I do know I have no doubts each partner in our firm practices what they preach. They admirably hold true to their care and concern for each of us here and the families we have the honor of representing.

In summation, I am grateful and proud to be a part of it all. May everyone stay safe and remember we are here for you as we endure these days ahead. And always remember “This too shall pass.”