A Coat

A Coat

A Coat

Coat: An outer piece of clothing with sleeves that is worn over other clothes, usually for warmth

The definition of a coat seems simple enough, but it’s not about the style, color or size. It’s not about how many buttons or the zippers.  It’s so much more than that.

Coats warm our bodies in order to regulate body temperature during the cold weather. Our skin is the largest organ.  It’s our defense, our protective barrier.  If we don’t protect our bodies from the cold weather serious problems can arise, for instance, hypothermia. Hypothermia can lead to more severe health problems, including death.

My point is, so many have a coat in every color and length.  So many have coats depicting their favorite sports teams; coats for different types of weather, a selection in their own closet to choose from daily. But for some, they have no coats at all. To many this seems unheard of, but it’s a harsh reality within our communities.

As we approach the cooler months, think about those coats hanging in your closet, pass them on if you don’t need them.  If you can’t part with them then treat someone in need to a coat.

Wintertime in the northeast is particularly brutal.  I cannot imagine being without proper housing or clothing to keep warm for any significant amount of time, but many are .

The cooler days are here for a few months to come now, so don’t delay, it’s time to share. Be generous--warm a person in need and do what you can to help.