Changing Up the Routine

Changing Up the Routine

As you get older, each day starts to blend together and time flies by faster and faster. Participating in the same routine each day creates a mundane sense of repetition.

One way of combatting the dullness of monotony is changing up the routine. Facing each day as a new challenge, full of new experiences, promotes a mindset of excitement and productivity. As a college student, I take full advantage of a new semester as an opportunity for a new routine. It is rejuvenating.

Many people past the education stage of their life find difficulty in changing things up. After all, how can a routine job feel different? Fortunately, there are ways to make the “same old” feel original and stimulating. You do not have to swap out a whole routine in order to fight against boredom and tediousness. Changing up your daily schedule or how you complete familiar tasks helps an ordinary day feel new. Notice and appreciate the uniqueness of routine situations. This is important.

Working as an intern at Bordas & Bordas, I find each day exciting because even when assignments feel familiar, I always learn something new. I never feel bored because the details of my work vary day-to-day and present new obstacles. Taking on and overcoming new challenges supports a healthy sense of accomplishment.

I encourage you to never dread each day as a prosaic parade of repetitive tasks. Find a way to change up the routine, even a little bit, and face your day with enthusiasm. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Bordas & Bordas intern Jake Balbach encourages all of us to switch up our daily routine for a refreshing change of pace.