Celebrating Birthdays at Home

Celebrating Birthdays at Home

Celebrating Birthdays at Home

If you have a birthday in March or April, you’ll always remember this 2020 celebration was unlike any other year. That’s because you’ll more than likely be celebrating “social-distancing-style.” You will not be able to go out for dinner, but you can get take out or have your favorite meal delivered. Your cake may be homemade this year, but it will still be great. You will not be able to blow out the candles, but you can still make a wish. Your celebration will definitely be different.

Here, though, are some tips to make celebrating a little more fun (while staying safe!):

1.Have a virtual party

Now more than ever we are extremely grateful for today’s technology. This technology will allow you to group chat with friends and family on FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, etc. Not everyone will get a piece of cake, but you can get creative and invite them to bake their own cakes at home to help celebrate!

2.Send a germ-free e-card

Avoid the stress of leaving your home to get a birthday card to mail by sending an e-card instead. This process is easy and germ free! Check out American Greetingse-cards.

3.Gift ideas 

Are you trying to get the birthday boy/girl a special gift, but most of the stores are closed? No worries. Almost all places sell e-gift cards online. They can be used to shop online or can be saved for a shopping trip when life is back to normal.

4.Take a rain check

Celebrate at home now and then have a second celebration later. Get creative and celebrate your half birthday in September or October.

People all over the country are getting creative when it comes to celebrating during the ongoing pandemic. If you are celebrating at home over the next couple weeks, we wish you the happiest birthday!