Cast Iron Cooking

Cast Iron Cooking

Cast Iron Cooking

Cast iron cookware has been around for a very long time -- and has proven to be relatively safer than modern cookware.

Aluminum for example, is unsafe because the metal reacts to the food and is absorbed. Studies have shown the presence of aluminum deposits in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, thus making people skittish about using that type of cookware.

Teflon is also unsafe because damaged coating can be ingested as it chips off into our food. Ceramic coated cookware leaches lead (which causes damage to the nervous system) into food after the protective glaze wears away.

Cast iron pans are tough cookware and it takes a lot to damage one. They are nearly non-stick and can be re-seasoned with just a bit of cooking oil. This process makes them non-stick without the use of a toxic synthetic substance.

Another great advantage is you can heat such pans up as high as you want, making them ideal for searing meat, frying and sautéing vegetables without becoming mushy.

They are very adaptable to the different types of cooking. Whether it be roasting, grilling, frying or broiling; food gets cooked evenly and safely.

So, if you’ve inherited some great cookware from an older relative, clean it up and season it! If not, you can still purchase these items at various stores and online. Then grab some cast iron cooking recipes online and begin making meals using safer, healthier means!