Black Friday Shopping Tips

Black Friday Shopping Tips

The whole idea of Black Friday is a mixture of things that I am not fond of: waking up early and cold weather. But there is just something about Black Friday that I absolutely love! Black Friday symbolizes the start of the holiday season to me. So, one day a year I set my alarm for a bizarre early time, grab my Yeti full of coffee and brave the cold and long lines. I join the rest of the America in my attempt to get door buster deals.

A few tips before heading out:

1. Make a plan of attack. Know which stores have the items you want before heading out. Without a plan of action, you could waste valuable shopping time just wandering around. Start plotting your plan now!

2. Before Black Friday begins, start signing up for store emails. Some stores reveal their Black Friday deals early via email. I recommend staying on the mailing list to keep up with deals throughout the Holidays. Some stores even extend their Black Friday sale over the entire holiday season. Signing up for store emails gives you all the important shopping insight you need.

3.Take a shopping partner. Black Friday is possible solo, but having a partner is certainly helpful. Shopping pals can hold the line for you while grabbing something, help you load and unload all your findings, carry your purse, hold your coffee, etc.

Even if you don’t get that great deal, don’t let the holidays stress you out. Enjoy the holiday season, gaze at the lights, smell the cookies, and most importantly share the love your family.



Heading out for the Black Friday deals? Donneshia Johnson has some tips for you.