Birthdays Come and Go

Birthdays Come and Go

Birthdays Come and Go

Birthdays come and go, and I’m always asked what I want for my birthday.

I give the same response each year.

July is my birthday month and each year I’ve asked my family and friends to donate to the local animal shelters in their area on the day of my birthday. This year I would like to ask all to do this again, but for the whole month of July.

Please try to help a local shelter of your choice all month long. Do whatever you can do to help these organizations, whether it be volunteering, donating food, or sending money. Please just help these poor animals in our local shelters. For the most part, dogs and cats are not in shelters of their own fault. Much of the time, someone dumps them or puts them in shelters because they don’t want them anymore.

Health issues in older animals are one of the biggest problems in shelters. My dream is to make sure every dog and cat gets to a loving home. We all know this is just a dream, not a reality, but, hey, some dreams do come true.

If you can adopt a pet during the month of July that would be the best birthday gift anyone could give me, whether you know me or not. I will fight for our animals until the day I die, because there are good people in our world who are willing to help defenseless animals.

Please do what you can and make the life of one dog or cat in a shelter better for them.

Adopt, don’t shop. If you see animal cruelty report it to your local authorities.

Also, remember not to leave your dog in a hot car during the summer months.