The Benefits of Being Proactive

The Benefits of Being Proactive

Proactive versus reactive. These are the two methods of dealing with any situation. You can be proactive and get ahead of whatever your day may have in store. Or you can be reactive and watch your day develop before choosing a particular course of action. The fact of the matter is, there is no right or wrong way in tackling a situation. With that said, there are some key benefits you will experience if you choose to be proactive as opposed to reactive.

Being proactive allows you to dictate your particular position and supplies a sense of control over whatever situation you may be facing. Essentially, your proactivity will enable you to be more prepared. When you are proactive you are able to think and act ahead before your circumstances change. You will be more comfortable in any situation you are in if you are proactive because you will have more control over the shift in circumstances.

Additionally, proactivity will result in you having more time to complete whatever task you have in front of you. When you are proactive, you start earlier than you would have otherwise. Not only does this give you more time to complete your goal, it provides you time to be methodical about your decisions rather than rushed.

The next benefit being proactive has is it allows you to be flexible. When you are proactive you will have the ability to change plans on the fly without feeling as much stress. We have all experienced times when we planned to do one thing and at the last minute a more pressing matter arose. Being proactive enables you to transition to the pressing matter without accumulating more stress than you were already experiencing.

Finally, having a proactive approach allows you to better plan for the future. By being proactive you can properly plan for the future knowing that if an unexpected situation arises you will have the time and flexibility to handle it.

So tomorrow, try being proactive and hopefully you will experience all the positive benefits a proactive mindset provides.


Proactive versus reactive. These are the two methods of dealing with any situation.