Become an Organ Donor Today

Become an Organ Donor Today

Become an Organ Donor Today

Last evening I sat on my back porch admiring the peaceful skyline that formed above the trees as far as my eyes could see as the sunset on Pinewood Drive. The weather was finally comfortable again as summer began to set in. Everything was so calm. I tuned into the sounds of nature and the beauty of it all was so powerful. I thought about how lucky my family and I were. In that moment, I paused to remember that I must always be grateful for this beauty of nature while it's right before my eyes.

This led me to think about how we don't really know where we're headed or when it's all going to end. There are so many subjects that may be uncomfortable to discuss, but, really should be addressed while you are able to now. Have intimate talks with your family so that they understand your wishes and you understand theirs in turn. The day may come when you least expect it that you have to make those decisions for each other.

Now, I'm not talking about final arrangements or life support. These are very important talks to have as well, what I am talking about today is organ donation.

Are you? Would you?

I registered as an organ donor and some of the things I'd like to ask that you take careful consideration is what you could leave behind for someone, for many who need this so very much. I'm not sure how many people realize just what organ and tissue donation and transplantation can provide for so many.

About every ten minutes someone is added to the organ donor waiting list and in the meantime about 18 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. Now this is not just a statistic or a number, this is a human being. This is someone's child, mother, father, co-worker, and friend. It's someone who matters. You may not personally know them and you may say well, someone else will do it, I don't need to worry with that. But, you hold the key to opening up a new life for someone. Your skin could help heal a burn victim. Your liver, lungs, heart, heart valves and so many more body parts can be used to help those who need this to survive.

I've read that somewhere around 42% of people in the United States say they'd like to be organ donors, but we need many more than that. You may never be able to donate even if you tried, so we need as many people as possible to be selfless. One organ donor can save up to eight lives!

I implore you to give this careful consideration and give it consideration today. You can register online ( or at your local DMV. Be clear with your family. Let them know your wishes so they can feel assured that they followed what you wanted them to do and not question themselves.

Give the gift of life, become an organ donor today.