Avoid Injuries While Raking Leaves This Fall

Avoid Injuries While Raking Leaves This Fall

As we are on the other side of Halloween, we are in the full swing of fall. Not only does that mean colder weather is on the horizon, but there will be beautiful foliage across the country. A mixture of brown, green, orange and yellow leaves will fill the trees, and inevitably, at some point, cover the ground. As a result, you may find yourself raking leaves in the near future.

Although raking leaves may seem like a harmless task, it could subject you to injury if you are not careful. There are certainly steps you can take to make sure you are being as safe as possible before you embark on your day of lawn work. For instance, you can warm up before you start raking your leaves. Now, that may seem strange, and you may be asking yourself, “why am I warming up before raking leaves?” A reason why is because your body needs to adjust to your environment and your muscles need to warm-up. Partaking in intensive labor may cause injury if your body is not adequately prepared.

Next, you should check that the tool you are using is properly maintained and working correctly. Whether you are using a standard rake or a leaf blower, making sure your tool is in satisfactory condition is essential to help minimize the likelihood of injury. Also, if you are using a rake, you should ensure that it is the proper size for your use. Using a rake that is too small can lead you to be bent over for long durations of time, which could potentially result in increased stress on your back. Additionally, especially if your yard is filled with leaves, make sure you stay properly hydrated and take frequent breaks. Making sure you have enough liquids and taking numerous breaks will help your body not become overworked.

Moreover, you can consider asking for additional help to clean up your yard. Having a family member or friend help you rake the leaves can ease the workload, expedite the tasks, and even allow you to spend quality time with a loved one. Finally, beware of your surroundings while you are raking leaves. For example, you do not want to try to rake a bunch of leaves that may be covering a pile of rocks. Also, you do not want to absentmindedly step on wet leaves and potentially slip and fall.

Raking leaves can be a wonderful fall activity to get outside and enjoy the fall weather. With that said, if not properly prepared, raking leaves could lead to unexpected injuries. Thus, the next time you want to rake leaves and organize your lawn, create a plan to make sure you can safely enjoy the day.

  Raking leaves may seem like a harmless task, but it could subject you to injury if you are not careful.