Are You a Skeptic or a Believer?

Are You a Skeptic or a Believer?

Are You a Skeptic or a Believer?

Anyone who knows me – or anything about me -- knows how much I love a spooky story and my admittedly strange fancy for the scary.

Traditionally, each October I try to take a long weekend to seek the thrill on a special weekend getaway. Generally, I find a bed and breakfast or hotel with a history and, of course, some attached spooky stories.

This year, I stayed at Landoll’s Mohican Castle in Loudonville, Ohio. This hotel has been featured on the television show, Ghost Hunters.

Understand that I don’t set myself up with expectations because, in the end, I’m just happy to have a little fun.

Anyway, prior to this visit, I had the advantage of watching the television episode, so I was armed with the history. I knew what to look for and what stories had been reported.

Upon my arrival, the castle was as beautiful as it appeared on the show. That, in and of itself, was worth the trip. I knew whatever I experienced -- or did not experience -- I was staying at a hotel that did not disappoint. It was situated in a wooded, secluded area with ever-so-peaceful surroundings. My weekend getaway was already worth it.

I’ve been on numerous ghost walks in the past. If anything, they are great history lessons about the local legends behind the stories. And, first night in, I was signed up for this one.

Typically, a ghost walk starts after dark. You get a little history lesson and then the stories as to why the land or building or, as was this case, the cemetery is known to be haunted.

On this particular walk, the hostess had a set of dowsing rods. Dowsing rods are metal rods used to communicate with the dead. It is said when the rods crisscross, the answer is yes and when separate the answer is no.

At the conclusion of the demonstration, the hostess asked a series of questions and asked if the guests had questions. No one spoke up... except me.

I turned to my fellow thrill seekers and said I will point to my husband and list several names. I asked that the correct name be identified and revealed as my husband’s name. And, it was.

I can tell you that at no point before or during the excursion was his name revealed to anyone – not even with the place from which we purchased tickets. It was always not discussed or planned that I would initiate such a test.

I think some people thought I may have been part of the show because some were perplexed. That’s OK. I knew it was either a really good guess or there was something here after all.

At the conclusion of these tours, the presenter always tells you to feel free to take random photos with your cameras in the pitch dark in hopes of capturing orbs (a spherical body) on one of your photos you otherwise would not have seen with the naked eye. I’ve done it. I’ve captured them, that is, in Tennessee and in Gettysburg. On that night, no such luck.

That was it. The tour was over. But, not for us.  Hours later, after midnight, the adventure seeker in me decided I was headed back to the cemetery, in the quiet, pitch dark.

So there I was, just double checking. I must have taken 50-plus photos before heading back. When I arrived back at my suite, I scrolled through those photos. They were clear. Nothing, nothing, nothing, until… THERE IT WAS!!

In that exact spot where hours earlier I posed that husband-identifying test, the photo showed something. It’s not an orb, but definitely a shadow...

So, what do you think? Are you a skeptic or a believer? Happy Halloween!